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  1. >>Специально представлять метра де Малевиля нет необходимости. Это известный в мире историк ... (Regnum) Он не историк а адвокат, отнюдь не очень известный. Сеидов ввел Regnum в заблуждение...
  2. CEPNYC. насчет артиклей ничего не скажу, с этим у меня слабо и я их не трогал, но фраза /Because of the "courtesy" of .../ звучит очен плоxо, поставьте xоть запятую после courtesy а то оно принимает значение "thanks to ..." (имея перед собой "because of")
  3. По моему: 1) BY NO MEANS не должно выделятся CAPSLOCом, придает ненужную крикливость. 2) Не может быть /BECAUSE OF "courtesy" of/, ето тафтология. Я бы сказал "It was a consequence of ..." 3) B "Any politician or a government employee, irrespective of his/her prior achievements, who today openly declares a willingness to surrender Armenian land is to be regarded a national traitor and enemy of the state." выделенное лучше перенести в конец, т.е. "...враг, незавицимо от заслуг ..." Бот весь текст: MEMORANDUM AGAINST THE SURRENDER OF LIBERATED TERRITORIES We believe that the attempts to surrender the liberated territories by no means provide a solution to the Gharabagh conflict yet represent a mortal threat not only to the future of Artsakh but also to the integrity of Armenian statehood. A number of Armenian politicians trapped in the swamp of "constructive dialogue" endanger the very existence of Armenian nation. What is happening today is a modern "Munich Agreement" leaving us in a strategic deadlock and encouraging the development of a new aggression against NKR and The Republic of Armenia. Today, on May 28th, when Armenians all over the world proudly celebrate the creation of the first Armenian Republic in 1918, we would like to remind everyone about a inglorious collapse of that very same republic in 1920, when Kars and Igdyr, Holy Mount Ararat and the ancient capital Ani were surrendered without firing a single shot and tens of thousands of young lives were lost in vain. It was a consequence of "constructive compromises" and "diplomatic flip-flopping" of Armenian government of that time. Today we demand from the current government and political leaders to immediately cease halt any discussions and/or negotiations regarding the possible surrender of the liberated regions of Artsakh. We also insist on complete declassification of the information about the ongoing negotiations as any concealment of information vital for the future of Armenian nation is utterly unacceptable. Any politician or a government employee openly declaring a willingness to surrender Armenian land is to be regarded a national traitor and enemy of the state, irrespective of his/her prior achievements.
  4. А exit-polls проводились? Если да, то где можно увидеть их результаты?
  5. Saturn, вы же, будучи еще MIDAV-ом, решили не благодетельствовать более форум своими copy-paste. Что же вас заставило поменять такое правильное решение?